Are you at risk for a subdomain takeover?

Dangling subdomains are a true security risk to your business both technically, and socially.


What is a subdomain takeover?

A subdomain takeover is when a malicious actor gains control of a subdomain that your company controls. This can let them host content that your brand may not agree with.

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How can this happen?

Typically you set up a DNS record for a service, stopped using the service, and forgot to remove the record. It's still pointing to the same place, which lets an bad actor start responding to it.

What can you do about it?

The easiest solution is to maintain clean DNS records, which is what we help with. We monitor your DNS records and alert you when we find records that aren't in use.

Regular Monitoring

We re-check all of your records every hour, so we catch potential risks fast.

Alert you when something is fishy

When we find something that doesn't seem right, we notify you across multiple channels. For each issue, we'll alert you at most once per day until the warning is acknowledged.

Fix the Issue

Remove the dangerous DNS record. We understand that sometimes this can take some time, so we allow you to snooze alerts for a specific record for a short period of time. If the issue still isn't fixed, we'll give you a friendly reminder.


Simple, transparent pricing.

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$10/ zone/mo
  • Hourly checks
  • Up to 100 records per zone
  • Email support
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